Dumpster Rental Fraser MI

Fraser Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster in Fraser isn’t just a reserve for contractors. It is the most economical way for both homeowners and business owners to get rid of waste and to keep their homes or facilities clean. With a rental dumpster, you can be able to get rid of all the waste you need at your convenience. Motor City Disposal is a reliable and affordable dumpster rental service in Fraser, MI that offers fast and effective waste disposal options in and around Fraser. Contact us at (586) 842-2750 to rent a dumpster in Fraser today.

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Roll Off Dumpsters

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Holds 3x Pickup
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We Take Just about everything
Some examples of the junk we haul away include:

  •   Refrigerator Disposal
  •   Garbage Removal
  •   Mattress Disposal
  •   Foreclosure Clean Outs
  •   Construction Waste Removal
  •   Yard Waste Removal
  •   Trash Removal
  •   Appliance Removal
  •   Television Disposal & Recycling
  •   Furniture Removal
  •   E-Waste Disposal
  •   Hot Tub Disposal

Rent a Roll-off Dumpster in Fraser

Most people believe that one can only rent a dumpster if they need to dispose of colossal amounts of waste or debris. Regardless of the amount of trash you need to dispose of, we have different size dumpsters at very affordable prices to ensure we meet your needs. With a quick phone call, anyone can rent a dumpster and get same day or next day delivery. Motor City Disposal specializes in cost-effective dumpster rental services to homeowners, business owners and construction companies in Fraser and all the surrounding cities.

Residential dumpster rentals

Most of our customers typically order roll-off dumpsters because they want to throw out household junk, handle small renovation projects or even to get rid of debris after a storm. You can rent a small dumpster from us and toss all your trash.

Our roll-off dumpster sizes vary and can be used for small or large projects depending in which one you rent. Our 10-Yard dumpsters are great for small to medium projects and therefore ideal for most common home renovation projects such as bathroom remodeling, garage clean outs, basement renovation and such projects. We also have 20-Yard dumpster that is useful for larger disposal projects such as hauling furniture, eliminating large amounts of construction debris from a residential or business site .

Rent a dumpster in Fraser
Dumpster rental in Fraser MI

Commercial & Construction Dumpster Rentals

Roofers and contractors can appreciate the convenience of ordering a large dumpster and having it delivered to the site with just one phone call. We can quickly deliver a large dumpster that will comfortably handle 6 tons of junk. This will enable your residents to keep the facility clean by properly disposing trash in the rental dumpster and save you the constant stress of finding junk dumped on the ground. Rent a dumpster today and manage your trash schedule more effectively.

Fraser Dumpster Rental Sizes

How To Choose The Right Size?

 Whether you are a homeowner or business contractor, there is always a first time renting a dumpster. We have friendly staff that will guide you through our renting process and help you pick the right dumpster for your needs. We can also quickly haul away your full dumpster and bring you another container, in the event that you underestimated the amount of your trash. We aim to make renting a dumpster in Fraser as stress-free as possible for you.

How To Rent A Dumpster in Fraser?

The first step in renting a dumpster is calling us (586) 842-2750 so that we can ensure that the container you need is available. In most cases, we usually are able to book the dumpster you need for the length of time you need it. Be sure to let us know how long you will need the container, as our prices are based on the time-length. In general, anyone who needs to park a container on a public street will require a special permit. If you need a permit, our staff will help you navigate the paperwork to ensure that your project continues without a hitch. If you will be parking the dumpster on private property, you won’t be needing a permit. Give us a call, we will be delighted to partner with you on your next disposal project.

The Fraser Dumpster Rental Company You Can Rely On

Our roll off rentals can be parked on any property; be it a commercial or residential building. Give us a call to find out all the dumpster options available for rent. Whether you have a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling project , drywall replacement or you need to get rid of yard debris or move furniture, Motor City Disposal has your back. Motor City Disposal also provides dumpster rentals in Saint Clair Shores MI.

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